Genetic Counseling is a service ROC provides that helps give you information about how genetic conditions might affect you and your family.

Through the process, our genetic counseling specialist will collect personal and family health history to help determine if genetic testing might be appropriate for you. These services can be particularly helpful for patients who are planning for pregnancy, going through pregnancy, caring for children who may show signs or symptoms that could be associated with a genetic disorder, and just for patients who want to more closely manage their personal health.

Prenatal Genetic Counseling

Our Prenatal Genetic Counselor specifically treats patients who are pregnant or planning pregnancies, and have genetic risks that could affect their future offspring. Reasons for referring to a genetic counselor include: advanced maternal age, abnormal pregnancy screening, family history of a genetic disorder, previous child with a genetic disorder or chromosome abnormality, or recurrent pregnancy loss. Our genetic counselor evaluates the medical and family histories of patients to provide personal risk assessments. The genetic counselor explains testing options, the benefits and risks of testing, and reasons why patients choose to have or not to have testing done. Of course, undergoing genetic counseling does not obligate a patient to have any testing performed.

The genetic counselor provides support to each patient who learns there is a possible problem with their baby, reporting the patient’s test results personally, and explaining the meaning or implications of those results. The genetic counselor also provides preconception counseling to couples with family history of genetic disorders or couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy losses. 

Our Genetic Counselor at ROC is board-certified in genetic counseling. Genetic Counseling is an important part of the decision-making process for prenatal testing. The Genetic Counselor evaluates the medical and family history of patients to find out if there is an increased chance of birth defects or other problems that could warrant further testing. 

No matter what, our team is here to help you navigate this process and make decisions that make the most sense for you and your family.