Our Goals

When a patient has been referred to us it is usually for additional information and assistance with a specific pregnancy related issue. This can either be for a problem with the mother or the baby. Each of our physicians has undergone additional training specifically in high risk pregnancy as well as focused continuing medical education on an annual basis. We are all members of the faculty of the University of Tennessee, College of Medicine. We feel that we can offer the patient up to date information and expand their list of options on alternatives available for a given situation.

Part of our goal is not interfere with or remove the patient from her relationship with her regular OB/GYN, and in the majority of cases the patient will need to continue to see their regular OB/GYN. Our desire is to simply help the referring doctor and the patient to achieve the best possible result for each pregnancy.

Regional Obstetrical Consultants serving mothers and babies throughout Southeast Tenn, North GA and Western NC.
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