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Dr. David Adair

“ Welcome to Regional Obstetrical Consultants. We have the privilege of working with your primary Obstetrician to coordinate your care in the event you face certain unexpected challenges during your pregnancy. We are a high tech, high touch practice, which means, we not only invest in excellent technology to assist in your care, we also invest in our staff to allow them to excel in the field of high risk Obstetrics. It is our desire to work with you, our staff and your primary Obstetrician to help you achieve the best possible outcome of your pregnancy. "


Dr. Carlos Torres

“ The providers of Regional Obstetrical Consultants are specially trained to assist your primary Obstetrician in providing the highest level of care available when your pregnancy is more complicated than you might have expected. It is our goal to provide each patient the best care possible in the event you require our services. We appreciate the trust you and your primary physician have in our providers. "



Amanda Carter
" The entire staff is beyond amazing. They go over every little detail..."
Danyell Hicks
" Made two of my pregnancies so much easier..."